Ulrich Stern
  My LinkedIn Profile is typically more up-to-date than this page.

I currently help my wife start her neurobio lab at Duke.

Before this, I co-founded Altor Networks (originally named vBrix), which is now part of Juniper. Previously, I was with Medallia for almost six years, building their web application and some cool pieces of technology, such as a superfast OLAP engine ('Slug'). Before Medallia, I had worked on my own company for a little and had quit a cushy position with Sanera Systems after 2.5 months.

Previously, I was a Research Associate in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. I was also involved in several start-ups. See my consulting page for more details.

As researcher, I worked in the research group of David Dill on a model checking tool for multithreaded Java software, on the automatic verification of cryptographic protocols (in collaboration with John Mitchell's group), and, mainly, on the protocol verification tool Murphi. (Murphi has been used during product design at various companies including HP, IBM, and Sun.)

I grew up in Germany in a small town called Kaufering, which is close (56km) to Munich. Here some pictures of me when I was much younger. I like spending my free time with my sweetest dragon. For a while I was quite a bit into nutrition, for which my mom and grandma deserve the credit. If you are not bored yet, you can check out my two-paragraph bio.